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The Torrance City Council votes to modify the Torrance Municipal Code, and establish the city budget. Their authority includes setting dog and cat license fees, approving and funding staffing levels for our small, city-based animal control program, and determining whether to build a city-based animal shelter or continuing to pay to contract with Los Angeles County for animal sheltering services.

At one point, Torrance relied on Los Angeles County for field patrol and licensing (in addition to animal sheltering). It was due to a vote by the Torrance City Council that a small city-based field services program was started to serve Torrance residents.

How do I contact my councilmember?

In the City of Torrance, we have seven councilmembers, including the mayor. 

The current mayor is Patrick J. Furey.

As of July 15, 2014, there is one vacancy on the council.

There are no districts; Torrance residents can contact any councilmember to express a concern.

Here is the contact information for the mayor and councilmembers (in alphabetical order), from the City of Torrance website.

- - Heidi Ann Ashcraft:

- - Gene Barnett:

- - Pat Furey:

- - Tim Goodrich:

- - Geoff Rizzo:

- - Kurt Weideman:


March, 2004: Councilmember Pat McIntyre checks out the new City of Torrance animal control vehicle. Councilmember McIntyre was one of the key votes, along with Councilmembers Paul Nowatka, Frank Scotto, and Ted Lieu, in favor of creating a city-based animal control program to serve Torrance residents.


To mail a letter, send it to each councilmember at:

City Hall, City of Torrance

3031 Torrance Blvd.

Torrance CA 90503. 

The phone number is (310) 618-2801. The fax number is (310) 618-5841.  For more information, go to

Please be polite in your correspondence with our elected officials.         


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Background on Torrance City Council

The Torrance City Council has decision making authority on Animal Control for Torrance.  (The Environmental Quality and Energy Conservation Commission has the authority to make recommendations to the City Council, but does not have final decision making authority on this issue).  The City Council is responsible for making policy decisions, passing laws, adopting the budget, authorizing expenditures, levying taxes, and securing revenues. 

There are seven members of the City Council, including a Mayor who has a vote but not a veto.  All members serve at large, meaning they do not have a specific geographic area; if you live in the City of Torrance, you are represented by all seven.

What do we pay them?  The Daily Breeze reported on Wednesday, June 14, 2000 that Torrance councilmembers earn $100 a month for their service, plus benefits.   "In Torrance, the mayor receives up to $350 a month for business expenses, and City Council members receive up to $250 for such expenses.  The mayor and council also receive $446 a month in car allowance, $10 for each meeting of the Redevelopment Agency, up to $1,500 a year for city business travel, $16 a month for medical insurance contributions and $188 a month for retirement contributions."

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Torrance City Council Meetings

The Torrance City Council meets (almost) every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chamber, 3031 Torrance Blvd., 90503. To confirm that a particular date is not dark (no meeting held that date), call (310) 618-2801 or check The fifth Tuesday of the month is usually dark.

There is a time for public comment at the beginning and end of each council meeting. Speakers should be polite, respectful, and persistent.  It is best to have your remarks written out ahead of time. Please call (877) 571-4189, or e-mail
FTA@onebox for more information on speaking. 

The City Council meetings are cablecast live each Tuesday on CitiCable 3, the government access channel on the Time Warner cable system. CitiNET also videostreams a simulcast of CitiCable 3 on the internet at Meetings are also carried live on CitiSounds AM 1620 radio.

DVDs of past City Council meetings are available for check-out from City of Torrance libraries.            

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Portions updated July 16, 2014