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Friends of Torrance Animals Adopt-A-Classroom Program

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What is the FTA Adopt-a-Classroom program?

Since 2003, through the Friends of Torrance Animals Adopt-a-Classroom program, residents and businesses have helped provide humane education materials to local classrooms - at no charge to the teacher, student, or school. The program includes a subscription to Kind News, and other humane education materials including information on dog bite prevention, the importance of ID tags, and wildlife habitat.

What is humane education?

Humane education is learning to care for the animals in our homes and communities. It includes fostering respect, kindness, and empathy for human and nonhuman animals.

Specific components of humane education programs include dog bite prevention, the importance of spaying or neutering pets, and learning what animals need (for example, ID tags for dogs and cats, habitats for wild animals). Such programs benefit the community, as children who learn to care about animals and develop a respect for all life become more respectful of each other and grow up to be more compassionate adults.

What is Kind News?

Kind News is an eight-page magazine, filled with colorful articles, short features, and fun activities that children and teachers enjoy. Its emphasis on treating animals with kindness and respect, the importance of proper pet care, and wildlife appreciation grab students' interest and make abstract values like compassion, citizenship, and responsibility come alive. It features articles, activities, puzzles, and interviews that emphasize the importance of kindness and help children put basic values like compassion, responsibility, and respect into practice.

Kind News is consistently praised by teachers as an excellent supplementary resource that requires little or no prep. Kind News includes non-fiction content and Common Core-aligned activities. It can be readily incorporated into subjects like math, science, or language arts or simply handed out for students to read during free time or at home.

Kind News comes in three reading levels: Primary (grades K-2), Junior Edition (grades 3-4), and Senior Edition (grades 5-6). Each subscription includes 5 issues, delivered during the school year (September through May). Each classroom in the Friends of Torrance Animals Adopt-a-Classroom program receives a teacher's guide and a copy of the magazine for each student. For more information on the publication, go to

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Where are the classrooms that have been adopted?

The Friends of Torrance Animals Adopt-a-Classroom program is open to all classrooms within the City of Torrance, at the request of the teacher and/or principal.

The program has been provided, on request, to classes at Adams Elementary School, Anza Elementary School, Arnold Elementary School, First Lutheran School, Hickory Elementary School, Riviera Hall Lutheran School, St. Catherine Laboure, Seaside Elementary School, South Bay Junior Academy, Torrance Elementary School, and Walteria Elementary School.

Most schools have more than one classroom participating.

More than 2,500 students in more than 90 classrooms have been adopted for the 2014-2015 school year.

How do I adopt a classroom?

Each $33 donation to our Adopt-a-Classroom program helps us provide humane education materials for one classroom.

To adopt a classroom in Torrance, send a check (payable to Friends of Torrance Animals) to:

Friends of Torrance Animals
PO Box 10123
Torrance, CA 90505

Please note that your donation is for the Adopt-a-Classroom program.

Friends of Torrance Animals is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

How do I sign up to be adopted?

Interested educators can e-mail or send a request to Friends of Torrance Animals, PO Box 10123, Torrance CA 90505.

Requests must include the number of students, number of classrooms, grade level(s), and contact information.

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